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Nigh Trains & Couchettes:

Overnight trains:
Overnight trains and hotel trains have a range of accommodations, which include sleepers, couchettes, and sleeperettes. All sleepers and couchettes convert from seats to berths for nighttime travel, and back to seats for daytime travel. For information on prices and reservations for night trains, please click here.

Sleeper Compartments:
Sleeper Compartments have washbasins, soap, towels, razor plug, mineral water, and a lockable door. The berths come with pillow, sheets, and a duvet or blanket. Stewards are present in the sleeper cars to assist you and take care of all border crossings procedures for you. Many of the stewards speak the languages of the countries the train will pass through as well as English. Compartments are gender specific unless booked by couples or families. Fares for sleepers require a 1st class ticket or a rail pass plus the sleeper supplement. 1st class/rail pass travelers can book a single, double, or triple sleeper. Single passengers can reserve a double sleeper but they may have to share with another passenger based on availability.

Couchettes are compartments with berths for 4-6 people. Each berth has a pillow, sheets and blankets. Washbasins are not available in the compartments and restrooms are at the end of the car. Berths can be booked individually or in groups. Compartments are non-gender specific and travelers are expected to sleep in their day clothes. Stewards are available only on international routes. Fares for couchettes require a 1st or 2nd class ticket or a rail pass plus the couchette supplement.

Sleeperettes are seats in open coach cars that recline to allow you to sleep more comfortably. Seats may have small head pillows attached but no blankets are provided. Fares for sleeperettes require a 1st or 2nd class ticket, or a rail pass and a reservation. There is normally no additional cost for sleeperettes. However, some hotel trains may charge a higher reservation fee for seats. Hotel trains combine long distance night travel with the security and privacy and comfort of a hotel stay. All compartments have locking doors and access to dining cars. There are three levels of accommodation: Tourist, First Class, and Luxury Class. There are reclining 2nd class sleeperette seats on certain trains. Tourist class accommodations include 4 beds to a compartment. Toilets are found outside the compartment in the car. First class accommodations include compartments with one to two beds. Toilet and shower facilities are located outside the compartment in the car. Luxury class accommodations include one to two beds per compartment. They also include a private toilet and shower within the compartment.

There are several night or Hotel trains you may come across in Europe:

Covers international routes between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
Trains have Deluxe, Economy, Couchette, and Sleeperette accommodations. Deluxe compartments have 1 - 2 fixed beds moveable chairs and tables and a full washroom with shower. Economy sleepers have 2 – 4 beds (for families) and one washroom in the car. Deluxe and Economy accommodations include breakfast. Couchette and sleeperette travelers may buy breakfast at the bar.

DB Nachtzug:
Covers domestic routes in Germany and international route to Denmark.
Accommodations include Comfort, Couchette, and sleeperettes. Comfort cabins have doors with key-card locks and private shower and toilet cabin. On German domestic routs a restaurant and bistro car is available.

Talgo Trains:
Services domestic routs in Spain and international routes between Spain and France, Portugal, Italy, and Switzerland.
Classes of accommodation include Luxury, 1st Class, Tourist, and Sleeperette. Dinner and breakfast is included for all passengers in single or double accommodation.

Artesia de Nuit:
Covers international routs between France and Italy.

Hotel Train Lusitania:
Covers travel between Portugal and Spain.
Accommodations include Luxury, 1st class and seats. Breakfast is included.

Overnight Express:
Services international routes between the Netherlands and Italy.
Accommodations include Sleeper, Couchette, and Sleeperette. Depending on class, accommodations include free meals or snacks. Please note that Europass holders must have Benelux as an associated country to ride this train. Eurail Selectpasses are not valid on this train.

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