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Travel in Style - Experience the romance, adventure, and convenience of reliable European rail travel and save. Eurail passes offer a fantastic value while allowing you to travel Europe at your leisure. At Eurail we've made it extremely easy to find answers to your Eurail pass questions.

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Flexibility - Jump on a train at any time or any day. As long as your rail ride adheres to your Eurail Pass's requirements you can travel where you want, when you want at a great discount. Don't be locked into specific travel times or spend your vacation running to make a train - travel at your leisure, kick back and relax!

Value - Eurail Passes offer the best value for your money. These passes are deeply discounted as an incentive to encourage more European tourism. You will not find a better value, and in most cases you can easily spend 2-6 times as much if you were to purchase the actual individual rail tickets at the train station. Since Eurail products are intended for non-European residents, it is difficult to find an agency to buy these passes in Europe. We reccomend you order your Eurail Passes in the US before your trip from a trusted online source such as, a leader in online quick-ship Eurail passes with the convenience of available customer support.


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What pass is right for me? - Still not sure which pass is best for your travels? Try our Passes at a Glance page for a brief overview of differences between Eurail passes available. Let us help find you the most economical pass for your travel itinerary with our Find a Pass online guidance system.

The Options - The Eurailpass allows for consecutive day travel from 15 to 60 days within the Eurail Network. The Eurail Flexipass allows non-consecutive day travel in all 17 Eurail countries, while the popular Eurail Select Pass gives you the flexibility to travel to 3 - 5 adjoining Eurail countries. If you plan on traveling in only one European country, you can choose a Single Country Eurail pass that allows for unlimited rail travel in that country. If you wish to travel to more then one country, chek out our Multiple Country pass options. For your best travel options, use our passes at a glance matrix below.

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